Chris Mooney Shihan

The one who is flexible on the outside and strong on the inside will continually flourish; the one who is strong on the outside and weak on the inside will flourish momentarily; the one who is flexible on the outside and weak on the inside will lose what he has; the one who is strong on the outside and hard on the inside will inevitably be destroyed.

Warwick Aikido Club

Our dojo is lead by Chris Mooney Shihan a world renowned teacher with over 40 years of experience in Aikido. He studied and travelled with the eminent T.K Chiba Sensei and has one of the only full time dojos in the UK.


The martial art tests and pushes the body in strength and stability. It drives the practioner to improve themselves physically whilst cultivating them mentally; it ingrains in them a sense of responsibility to their body and self as well as that of those around both inside and outside the dojo. Martial arts is to trust another with your health and safety and to have others trust you, it is about having respect for those around you, it is about humility. Aikido is a martial art which incoporates as a principle precept the idea of harmony.

Joining our Dojo

We train Wednesday 20:00-21:30 and Friday 17:30-19:00 at the Warwick Sport center in the activity room. Please feel free to contact us through Facebook or by E:mail:


Our sessions begin and end with ceremonial bowing and are conducted with respect to the instructor.


The mat fee is £3.50 per lesson, but there is a packet deal at £50 per term.


We wear white gi with white belt, but newcomers are welcome in any loose clothing.


We have a number of seminars throughout the year and an annual trip to a dojo in another country.

Events for 2018-2019

All members are encouraged to join in these events in order to improve their aikido and meet some truly remarkable people. Aikido is about training body and spirit, we believe through these events we may train both simultaneously. They are a way of becoming part in a large community.